Yogrishi Swami Ashutosh

Our Yoga Teachers Training (YTT) course is guided and monitored by Yogrishi Swami Ashutosh, who have dedicated his life (more than 25 years) in pursuit of yogic & spiritual knowledge and have mastered many meditation techniques. During his spiritual quest in his early yogic life he travelled to remote places in the Himalayan region (both in India and Nepal) to learn different aspects of yoga from different learned masters and gathered valuable insights in this field. He is a spiritual healer, well-versed in Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Indian Philosophy. He will be teaching Assanas, Meditation and concepts of Ayurveda to our students and will be available for guidance during the entire course. A strong Proponent of Indian cultural value, his valuable services in the field of Yoga and his practical approach towards teaching of Yoga and other holistic therapies has won him several thousands of admirers throughout India and world. He has taught yoga to students in entire Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore) and Europe. Swami Ashutosh has successfully introduced a unique transformative Yoga program among inmates of Prisoners in India and this successful experiment has established him as a unique prison reformer in India. He has propagated Indian alternatives systems of medicine across the globe and has been spreading his knowledge of Yoga & Holistic Therapies through organizing training camps in India. Around thousands of people have been benefiting from these camps. He is engaged in a number of research and development activities in the field of Yoga, meditation and social welfare.