We are conduting research on different theoretical and practical aspects of Yoga. We consider ‘Sankhya-Yog’ as an ancient stream of spiritual knowledge developed by sages in ancient India, which is aimed at discovering self with methods most suitable to individual.Yoga is for welfare of everyone and can help in solving many of the problems being faced by the modern society due to unhealthy liferstyles and unstable states of mind.We collolobprate with Individuals, Yoga Centers and Academic Institutions to produce quality scientific lieterature in this field. We aspire to establish a well equipped Internatuional university dedicated solely for research and study of this subject in very near fututure. If you are interested in any of our research project please contact us.

We conduct research in following areas...

  • Sankhya theory and its role in understanding of Yoga
  • Emergence of prevailing types of Yoga worldwide and their characteristics
  • Impacts on Yoga practice on psychological and physical health of different age groups
  • Teaching methods and tools useful in Yoga education
  • Inluence of Sankhya theory on different anceient philosophical traditions
  • Different types of meditation methods (Dhyan)
  • Different clinical aspects of Yoga
  • Reincarnation - Meaning and Cases Studies