‘Sankhya-Yog’ is the oldest philosophy and the essence of all eastern philosophical systems.

what is the base of sankhya yoga
  • What is Sankhya yog or Samkhya Yog?

    Sankhya Yog or Samkhya Yog has become one of the most searched matter amongst Spiritual Seekers, all around the world. Sankhya yoga is engaged in promotion of integrated ‘Sankhya-Yog’ philosophy among all the spiritual seekers of all religion.

  • What is Sankhya Yoga Training main objective?

    Yoga was always something beyond “asanas” (Physical postures). Samkhya yoga main objective is to make this complex and hidden treasures available to all aspirants in a simplified way to understand Yoga.

  • Who was founder of Sankya yoga?

    Sage Kapila is considered as the founder of Sankhya philosophy he was (sage Kapila) (born c. 3000 BCE.) and is referred as the ‘first psychologist’ and ‘Father of Cosmology’ in the history of mankind.

  • What does Sankhya Theory Explains?

    The Sankhya theory explains the depth of Yoga and provides a clear map to transcendent our Physical, Mental and Psychological limitations.
    Due to importance of samkya in spiritual life the most important chapter of Bhagwat Gita is called ‘Samkhya Yog’.

  • Can anyone help organize trips to sacred places?

    We organize Yoga training programs, seminars and trips to sacred places to highlight the glorious spiritual past of India and engage youths in conservation of rivers and other natural resources through meaningful pilgrimages.